January Energy Forecast 2016 ~ A Look at the Year Ahead

January Energy Forecast 2016 ~ A Look at the Year Ahead


And Happy 2016 to you! How is the energy feeling to you at the moment? Am not sure about you, but it doesn’t really feel like a New Year to me yet ~ energetically, we’ve moved into a few different areas of focus, but the underlying push to learn lessons and grow still sits in the background for us all and will do so throughout 2016.

2016 is about testing how far we’ve come, how strong our foundations and boundaries are and how willing we are to take responsibility for manifesting the life we want to live.

It is another year of hard work (sorry!), stripping out what we no longer need, letting go of the old and CREATING the new. Life is moving too fast for us to sit around waiting to be ‘guided’ on which way to turn or what we should do. If you’re not sure, talk to people, seek guidance from someone or look to people whom have successfully done something similar and see if you can implement any of those ideas in your life.

As a human being, in your real, practical, day to day life ~ what do you want? A new job? To study or learn? To fall in love? To earn more money? To lose weight? Sit with a piece of paper and write down the following questions, then answer them honestly:

  • What will make you happy?
  • What is stopping you?
  • How can you achieve what you want?

Firstly, it’s important to know that what we want in life is actually in alignment with what our soul needs and not what our human self thinks we need. If there is no excited feeling in our belly or a curiosity, passion, determination or desire in our heart/mind……..then whatever we’re aiming for probably isn’t the right focus.

There isn’t a lot of fire energy around this year, so we need to ensure that the fire & motivation comes from within. As we put that energy out into the world, the Universe will support us in grounding it if it’s too forceful/excessive, show us how to express it in a healthiest way (emotionally) or will literally set fire to our ideas and rocket us forward.

Is anything standing in your way? If so, what? Nine times out of ten, what stands in our way is our own Self! Are there any limiting fears or negative thought patterns preventing you from taking action on achieving what you want? For example: not feeling good enough, not being intelligent or educated enough, being scared of success, being lazy, feeling like it’s too much to cope with or not really knowing what action to take? If so, address these issues, look at what is holding you back and how you can overcome that particular obstacle. Take one step at a time, giving that one step your entire focus and energy before moving on to the next one. It might take a few days, weeks or even months to address the issue, but as long as you’re focused, there will be a way.

2016 is all about testing whether we are on solid ground AND finding that spark of passion to carry us into a happier, more fulfilling future.



Mercury Retrograde ~ 5-25 January 2016


The biggest energetic affect this month is Mercury going retrograde. There are four Mercury Retrograde periods in 2016 and all of them are Earth Energy based. This provides set periods in the year to look at how we create our own reality. Our boundaries are going to be tested in several different areas of life ~ do we have healthy boundaries? If so, how do we uphold them? Mercury Retrograde is a time to analyse and plan ~ to set our intentions, to figure out what actions we can take to start achieving our dreams and to do all of this firmly grounded in reality.

There are periods throughout the year when our intuitive capabilities will be enhanced, but during the retrograde weeks, stay focused on the real world as much as possible ~ be brutally honest with yourself. This is a time to plan and ensure we are focused on a purpose we feel passionately about. 2016 can bring our ideas into the real world or open us up to new ways of using our gifts & talents.

If you’re being affected by this particular retrograde phase, around the 5th, there may have been issues with communication, travel or appliances. Whether electronically, physically, in relationships, on social media ~ there would have been some indication between 3-6th January that heralded this change in energy. It doesn’t affect every person every time, but is dependent on each individual’s astrology chart at birth. Some people grit their teeth and struggle, others sail through without a hitch! If you mark the dates on the calendar and then check a few days beforehand, you’ll be able to sense and see from what is going on around you, or by how you’re thinking or feeling internally, whether  you’re being affected.

If you are being affected, these next few weeks offer the opportunity to see if any foundational work has been missed in any area of life or if there are any ways in which we are not seeing reality clearly. We are encouraged to review our emotions, the ways we think, the ways we look after our physical body and how we feed our Spirit/Soul. Look at daily routines, stress levels and how your physical body feels for indicators on what might need some attention. Also remember that you are the highest authority in your life ~ blind trust is never healthy, nor is giving others power over your thoughts, feelings and actions.

The dates for 2016 Mercury Retrograde periods are:

  • 5-25 January 2016 ~  in Aquarius, moving into Capricorn
  • 28 April – 22 May 2016 ~ in Taurus
  • 30 August ~ 22 September 2016 ~ in Virgo
  • 19 December 2016 – 8 January 2017 ~ in Capricorn, moving into Sagittarius



New Moon in Capricorn ~ 9/10 January 2016

Exact at 1.30am (GMT) on 10th ~ 5.30pm (PST) on 9th ~ 7.30pm on (CST) 9th ~ 12.30pm (EST) on 10th

New Moon’s are a time when we have to follow our gut instincts & intuition and be careful how we think and act. What we wish for at this time sends out clear intentions to the Universe. If we’re not conscious of that, then we stand to reap things we really didn’t mean to sow!

Thinking outside the box and opening our mind is the best way to sail through this New Moon in Capricorn. Let yourself be guided about what to do best, but ensure that you are grounded and 100% present in reality. Like the tree above, stand strong in who you are as a person, but open your mind to all possibilities and explore all of the information that comes to you, even if it’s delivered in an negative way.

The energy of this New Moon might be quite heavy as Capricorn likes to get grounded and then take action ~ it wants us moving and to be at our absolute best! However, with Mercury retrograde, we are asked to remain in a state of analysis and planning, so we might feel a bit frustrated, restricted, restless or snappy for a few days 8-11 January.

Get out, move the body, see friends, visit family, do whatever it takes to keep your energy moving and the body motivated into action. Another way of channelling this energy is to clear out and de-clutter the house, the garage, wardrobes, drawers or give everything a good, deep clean. Or you could create a crystal grid, a manifestation/vision board, set new intentions and affirmations or perform a ritual ~ the challenge will be to remain realistic whilst aiming as high as you can with your dreams! Keep focusing on what you want to manifest and work towards that.

Full Moon in Leo ~ Wolf Moon ~ 23/24 January 2016

Exact at 1.46am (GMT) on 24th ~ 5.46pm (PST) on 23rd ~ 7.46pm (CST) on 23rd ~ 12.46pm (EST) on 24th

The energy is shifting and moving so much lately, that I am going to split a lot of the monthly energy reports into bi-monthly or ‘eclipse’ specials as there is so much energetic activity this year that is different to last year, even though the pressure and speed of things is likely to remain the same.

I feel intuitively that looking too far ahead this year will take our focus away from the present and the words being received loud and clear for 2016 are KEEP IT REAL.

  • January 5-27 ~ Analysis, planning, reviewing
  • January 27 – March 2 ~ Focus, take action, work hard
  • March 3 – April 1 ~ Double Eclipse & transformational energy in Pisces/Libra

I’m excited to see what this particular eclipse does as I am a Libra with Pisces rising, so know it’s going to affect me and am focusing on it being positive change 🙂

Please check back later in the month where I’ll provide an updated energy report and Full Moon details. Have a wonderful January!

Bright blessings & cosmic cuddles

Krissy XXXX



  1. Bridget says:

    I’m not really sure what I want right now. I’m immersed in the feeling of being alone, holding up everyone else while no one holds up me, not having the support I need without explicitly asking for it. The end of January marks the three year anniversary of being hit by a speeding car while crossing the street with my eight-month-old. FYI both of us are physically fine now. This is a hard time of year for me. I’m an empath working with special education children who need a lot of support emotionally. I’m the sole provider for my son in the evenings as his dad works nights. I feel that no one understands me, nor can they as they have not experienced what I have. On the other hand I feel someone should try to understand, but I’m tired of asking and getting no response. Can you help to suggest a direction in which to focus my vision board?

    • Thank you for getting in touch Bridget and sharing part of your story. It sounds like you’ve had a really tough time. No one will ever understand exactly what it is like to walk in your shoes, but they most certainly can empathise or sympathise with you and offer whatever comfort and support you need in order to help you cope. You also do a very admirable and difficult job, so it can’t be easy processing so much emotion. What do you want out of life moving forward? Where would you like to see yourself, realistically, in five years time? There is nothing that can be done about what is in our past….we can only control how we deal with the fall out of it now, so I would focus your vision board on 3-4 different topics of things you would like to manifest in your life. What makes you happy? What do you see as fun? What makes you smile? Focus on small, attainable things that will feed your soul on some level. Part of you is so sensitive and open, whilst the part that yearns to connect is actually the part that is defended the most. I would make one of your topics Self Healing if that resonates with you. Hope that helps, but please do drop me a message via the contact form if you’d like to chat. Namaste, Krissy

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