The Intuition Game

The Intuition Game

Welcome to a little game of intuition………………….

I have been blogging a lot over the past year. Three times a week, usually without fail. That is a LOT of information and writing.

As we’re nearing Christmas however, my brain is slowing down and my heart & mind are turning to more domestic and family based fun!

So instead of blogging today, I’d like to play a little game 🙂 The answers will be revealed on Friday 😉

Take a look at the cards below. I have asked the Universe to provide us with a clear message.

I have intuitively chosen three cards from my well thumbed OSHO deck. Without looking at them, I then intuitively selected some crystals that would directly relate to and support us with the messages in the cards.

Card 1 has one crystal, Card 2 has two crystals and Card 3 has three crystals. I have no idea why…..LOL!!


Tune in and see if any of the cards or crystals jumps out at you. I’d like to experiment and see if this game will work, so instead of just choosing a card, please really tune in and share any information you may receive…..whether it is for you, me, other people or just something that pops into your head when seeing or connecting to the cards/crystals. I receive the oddest messages sometimes that don’t make any sense to me, but they mean something to someone else.

Please write your comments either in the comments box below or on the thread on Facebook.

The more information you can share on what you pick up, the more fun this game will be. Most people draw and then reveal cards with nothing extra, but I’d like to see if I can connect to and read for you or bring through extra messages ~ so this is a two-way intuition game 🙂 The fun for me is I’m receiving intuitive information already, yet I have no idea what the cards are either so it’ll be just as much as surprise for me too 🙂

If you simply feel like choosing a card and nothing more, that is fine too. Go with whatever feels right to you 🙂

I will reveal the cards and any extra intuitive guidance I am given to go with the card or in response to your comments. You will know if something I intuit or channel is meant for or resonates with you 🙂

Have a wonderful day~ see you on Friday 🙂

Much love

Krissy XXX


  1. Gillian Spencer says:

    I chose card 2. It’s so clear and light and I thought “open your heart”.

  2. sharon says:

    im drawn to card one,because of the darker stone,maybe something to do with the way im feeling lately ? x

  3. Instantly drawn to card 2 – clarity, illumination, a way forward, new vision

  4. Diane says:

    card and crystal 1–the crystal represents the dark time which is passing. Without dark we cannot appreciate light. The dark time has not been painful, just introspective, a time to sort things out. Going forward with new purpose and confidence.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I chose card one, made me shiver all over and left my legs tingling. I felt this was a darker card, possibly relating to poor health and lack of energy xx

  6. Florence says:

    One of the messages of the crystals with card 3 is Movement forward.

  7. I was drawn to card #3, “Where two or more are gathered, I shall also be.” And, the dark and light crystals, remind me to embrace the shadow side and the light side of myself. For when I do, I can light my own way….

  8. Angie says:

    I’m drawn to card three….I feel abundance coming from that one. I feel like its a sign that the new year will be better than the last year! A sing to keep moving …..not dwell on the past and keep looking forward.

  9. Lisa says:

    Card one is all about the recent energy surges and the shift forward to the new lighter energy that 2015 will bring. Black Tourmaline is to remind us to stay grounded and keep our feet firmly on the ground as we grow and evolve spiritually next year. xx

    Card two is encouraging us to leave the past behind. ‘Let it go’. The worst is behind you now. Clear quartz, the master healer, is healing the traumas and difficulties of 2014 and ushering in a lighter, more positive, frame of mind. Step into 2015 with renewed vigour, joy, and a lightness of spirit. xx

    Card three ‘Sunshine and showers’. Step into your power. Your Crown chakra is opening further. The amber is soothing the rollercoaster of emotions and the clear quartz is healing the pain/heartache. Carrying a piece of rose quartz would be very beneficial at this time as you adjust to your heightened sensitivity and the new level of awareness that your are accessing through the shift in global consciousness. xx

    • Thank you for such awesome feedback Lisa! I know one of my clients read your words and they truly resonated, so thank you xx

  10. I was drawn to card three, it is like a door of light. Great idea, I look forward to seeing what the cards are!

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