Happy Holidays & Energy Update :-)

Happy Holidays & Energy Update :-)

Well……2015 has been an interesting year to say the least. Time has moved extremely fast and there have been a lot of challenges and cycles that I can see/feel collectively for us all, as well as personally for myself.

There are some really prickly energies around at the moment as we build to the Full Moon tomorrow ~ the first on Christmas Day since 1977!  Try to just go with the flow ~ some people are going to be stoked and irritated ~ especially as there is a general feeling of weariness at the end of this year. Focus on what you do want and try to move away from what you don’t want as quickly as possible! With this fire based energy around, plus a lot of solar activity, it could challenge us a little. If you’ve already experienced some of this over the past few weeks, then the current cycles are most certainly affecting you.

Moving into January, we’re straight into a Mercury Retrograde period from 5th – 25th. Whilst this brings delays and issues with regard to travel, communication and technology, it is also an excellent period to analyse, contemplate, plan and work out what you’d like to do next. Rushing into the New Year isn’t really going to work energetically ~ Mercury Retrograde is ‘slow down’ time for many ~ even if our mind is chomping at the bit to get going, our external world might not get on board with that until the end of the month.

I predict that 2016 will be fairly similar to 2015 (sorry, that doesn’t thrill me either….lol) in that it will be fast moving, throwing many different cycles and challenges at us, will constantly test our boundaries, bring things round again that we already thought we’d dealt with and is yet another year of double eclipses and transformational energies.

On the upside, 2016 is the last year that will feel like this for most ~ so knuckle down, do the hard work now and it’ll pay off huge dividends later, I promise!

We’re also getting some gorgeous, abundant, sparkling, creative, powerful energy cycles coming in during 2016 ~ these are short cycles of only a few weeks here and there, but they’ll motivate and bring in such positive energy, we’ll have little boosts throughout the year that bring us joy and keep us going 🙂


Christmas is a lovely time, but for many, it is a difficult time ~ I always stop on Christmas Day at some point to remember those who aren’t as fortunate and to send good, loving energy out into the world to those in need. My section of blogs on Emotions provides some really good, supportive advice for those who may struggle with Depression, Anger, Fear, Confidence, Trust or Forgiveness over the holiday period. Click Here to read these articles.

I’ve also just reposted my blogs on Creating a Manifestation/Vision Board (top of the website home page) ~ this is the perfect time of year all the way through to 25th January to plan our Manifestation/Vision Boards. Take your time to select the right combination of pictures, words and colours to truly make your Board shine! Towards the end of January, when Mercury turns direct again, you can start to take action on making your dreams come true!

If you place an order over the holidays, please note that I will have one trip to the post office on Wednesday 30th December and the next orders will be sent out on Monday 4th January 2016.

Heres wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season, where ever you are and however you celebrate it. I wish you love, laughter, happiness and peace.

I’ll be back in early January with the first energy report of the year!

Huge love, cosmic cuddles and the brightest of crystal blessings to you and yours.



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