FREE Malacholla :-)

FREE Malacholla :-)

I recently came across an extra bag of Malacholla I wasn’t aware was there. This stone is quite simply, amazing!

It is the very rare combination of Malachite and Chrysocolla, which have grown together in a small vein the Ural Mountains in Russia. My supplier discovered this vein and mined the entire lot. To date, no other source has been found (although they’re always searching!).

Malachite on its own is a must have for the metaphysical tool kit and Chrysocolla follows closely behind it. Singularly, they address so many different physical and emotional issues ~ together, the combination is phenomenal!

Chrysocolla is an amazing crystal on so many levels. It increases our capacity to love others and flushes out and heals heart blockages relating to fear, grief or loss. Chrysocolla is excellent for releasing guilt or irrational fears (and lets face it, we all have them!). It helps those whom have suffered trauma or abuse, particularly as a child or in close relationships. On a physical level, it is great for blood sugar balance, diabetics, arthritis, rheumatism, respiratory disorders, inflammation or heat and anything involving hormones or internal organs.

Malachite is excellent for arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes, kidneys, the liver & depression. A powerful healing crystal that releases negative emotions and provides stability, patience, tolerance and strength. Malachite is excellent for those who hold on to anger and do not take responsibility for the way their life is lived. Malachite also aids acceptance of what is and the strength to move forward.


Malacholla is the best pain relief crystal I have ever used. Probably because of the copper in the crystal, which works as a natural anti-inflammatory. If we’re working on releasing old emotional issues or anything negative from the past, or have illnesses that have manifested physically due to those issues, then there isn’t a better stone to use.

As I’ve come across this extra bag I didn’t know was there, I have decided to gift a FREE piece of Malacholla to the first 8 orders that come through over £8 from the time this blog is posted. I will choose the piece intuitively from those seen in the main picture above.

Eight is one of my favourite numbers, symbolising infinity. I figured our Earth created these amazing crystals and they should be shared, with love, to those that can use them.

With lots of love

Krissy XXX


  1. Diane says:

    Argh I think JUST MISSED THIS?!

  2. Jennifer says:

    that is just gorgeous

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