February Mid-Month Energy Forecast 2016

February Mid-Month Energy Forecast 2016

Hello There

I hope you’re keeping well. We seem to be flying through the days and weeks of 2016 ~ Valentine’s Day has been and gone already! My lovely son turns 17 on 1 March and is old enough to be able to drive a car….arrgghhhh…. where is time going? I swear he was only 8 years old yesterday 😉

The energies at the moment are fluctuating up and down quite erratically. On top of that, the Sun is emitting large solar flares, which are bathing us all in even more energy! If you’d like to read how Solar Energy can affect us all, please Click Here.

Some people call the transformations we are being asked to go through the ‘ascension’ process, which seems to mean different things to different people. For me, it means that all of us on a spiritual path, here and now, are individually trying to raise our vibrations by clearing out any debris from past lives, from patterns passed down within families from generation to generation, from this lifetime and our childhood, from past relationships or friendships……you name it, we’re being asked to clear out the debris from the past and cleanse our energy systems on multiple levels ~ some believe right down to the structure of our DNA! Each individual effort adds up to a collective energy, which as a whole keeps the vibration of the planet higher than it would be otherwise.

I do not believe that this is occurring so we can ‘ascend’ in this lifetime…..or that this is some sudden, new or unheard of process.  Generations have been doing it for years ~ in each generation, there is about 10% of the population that step on to a ‘spiritual’ path, treating themselves ‘whole~istically’ in heart, mind, body and spirit. If you’re reading this and it resonates, guess what, you’re part of the 10% of your generation! These cycles have been marked in the Mayan calendars and the history of our indigenous cultures since they first began.

For some, this process seems to ask too much of us, too much change, too much deep work, too much pressure on our family and support systems. We may not want to rock the boat that much ~ and that is perfectly OK. We can only do what we can do at any given moment.


It’s OK to step off the path of spiritual development to focus on your reality, your ‘human’ life, the bills, the kids, the house, the job…….. this is absolutely normal and necessary! However, try to take what you’ve learned spiritually and implement that in your day to day, practical life if you can. Share what you learn, teach your kids, guide the older generations and do what you can.  The more we can follow our gut feelings, the more we can bring a little bit of our inner Spirit/Soul into our outer reality, making the whole process of life one heck of a lot easier to manage and enjoy.

That little voice at the back of your head (your higher self) will keep on niggling you to make the changes you know, deep inside, need to be made and at some point, you’ll step back on the ‘development’ path and tackle the next issue that arises, the next wound to be healed or you’ll revisit old wounds to see how you now respond to them now.

Whether that’s eating healthier, starting an exercise regime, working on your manifestation/visualisation skills, working on discovering your core values so that you can have healthy relationships, seeking counselling or some form of healing therapy for past trauma or perhaps learning a new ‘spiritually’ minded skill of some sort, in order to help others ~ whatever it may be, you’ll get that insistent push from inside. If you’ve experienced this before, you’re most definitely part of the 10%!

It’s natural for us to flow in and out of high spiritual activity and energy. We then take that new knowledge back into our human, practical lives and learn how to implement it. Once we’ve nailed that and our vibrations have raised (because they do NOT raise with theoretical knowledge alone, they only raise when we put that knowledge into action), then we can step back on the ‘path’ again for the next part of our journey.

Alongside a positive mindset, that is one of the big lessons this year ~ to learn to ebb and flow with the energy that surrounds us all. It will slow down when Mercury Retrograde is in action and speed up a lot during eclipse season and the following 4 weeks after an eclipse. We’re effectively working with two ‘waves’ or cycles. One is our personal development cycle (which is different for each of us), the other is the energy of the year as a whole (which is the same for all).

Tap into the energy and if you aren’t sure how to do that, tap into how your own body feels. If you feel energetic, take action, if you feel tired, rest ~ keep a positive mindset, keep focusing on what you do want, keep taking those incredibly brave steps to become a better, happier, healthier version of you! Be aware that one of the most important energetic messages of the present day is this:

What we give out on an energetic level is what the Universe hears and responds to. FACT!

Become aware of this as much as you possibly can because you’d be surprised at how much negative mind chatter goes on when we’re not paying attention! An hour’s meditation and manifestation session could be completely negated by several hours of negative mind chatter. Consistency is key to attaining a happy and abundant lifestyle.  

An analogy I like to use is that of a surfer ~ there is a huge wave of change coming and it will carry us to shore ~ whether that be in a hot bikini, surfing the wave with focus and joy or whether we end up being tumbled along, landing in a heap on the beach spitting sand out, we’re still going to experience the wave and we’re still going to end up on that beach. The only choice we have is how we wish that journey to be. Choose wisely.


Full Moon in Virgo ~ Snow Moon ~ 22 February 2016

Exact at: 18.20 (GMT), 10.20 (PST), 12.20 (CST), 05.20 (EST) on 23rd February.

The 3 days leading up to this Full Moon are the time when it’s amplifying and manifesting energies are at their highest! NOT in the 3 days afterwards ~ I always say that each Full Moon is different EVERY SINGLE YEAR so if you like reading Lunar interpretations, read the information where people are taking the time to give specific details for each, individual moon rather than repeating or copying information from older sources. Many sources say the energy of a Full Moon is great 3 days before and afterwards, but sometimes, it actually isn’t and this is one time where it is likely to either not work for you or have an opposite effect on what you were planning.

Ideally, if you’re charging crystals under this Full Moon, do so in the lead up to it and bring them in just before it peaks. They should feel amazing!  If you’d like to experiment with energy, put some crystals out in the lead up and bring them in before the Moon peaks, put some out in the lead up and leave them out (bringing them in a few days after the Full Moon) and others, put out around the exact time of the Full Moon and bring them in the following morning. If your crystals respond to lunar energy, its a great way to learn how a day or two can make such a difference to how they feel.

It’s also a great time to cut chords or work on letting things go. If you’ve been thinking about doing a ritual or something similar with regards to letting someone/something go or moving on from something, I’d recommend doing it the day of the Full Moon (before it’s peak) and as the Moon wanes, it will take that released energy with it.

This one is quite a stimulating Full Moon too, triggering our wounds and dark side, which in turn triggers our defence or coping mechanisms. It’s one to watch if you’re prone to taking any mind altering substances (yes, that includes wine and alcohol (sorry!!)).  It’s just a wee warning ~ if you can feel anything bubbling under the surface, maybe take it easy around the Full Moon or keep away from those whom are causing any underlying tension or you just might blow! (particularly with the amount of inflaming, stimulating solar energy around).

I can’t feel much clarity at all around the energy of this Full Moon, so I doubt any huge wake up calls are going to occur, it’ll just make thinking a bit foggy and any physical issues we may be going through in trying to process all this energy might get a little worse for a few days (particularly if we’re suffering from fatigue or inflammation).

The energy is starting to build already towards the double eclipses in March ~ I, for one, am very interesting to see what they bring.

Thank you very much for your continued support. If you feel others may benefit, please help me by sharing this post via Twitter, Facebook or Email, in groups or on social media platforms. Thank you xxxx

Keep shining, with love and brightest of blessings

Krissy XXX


  1. Really enjoyed this and looking forward to being washed up on that beach

  2. Thanks Kristy! Really look forward to your energy reports all the time!

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