February Energy Forecast 2016

February Energy Forecast 2016

Hello There ūüôā

I sit down to write this report each month and often want to put my head in my hands lately. Like the lovely, energy intuitive, Lee Harris, it was a struggle to put together a coherent Energy Forecast last month as¬†current¬†energies, quite simply, are all over the place! The combined energies are so impactful and fast moving this year, I’ll keep¬†blogging when there are shifts and major celestial events¬†as we’re in for a bit of a ride in 2016!

There are¬†positives and negatives to every single energy stream, so I’m not going to say that everything will be wonderful, fluffy and YAY when it very clearly isn’t. 2016 is going to be a challenging year with a lot of ups, downs and probably unexpected situations.

However, whilst there is a lot of forceful and challenging energy, the positives are what we are left with when the energy cycle ends. It is how we manage all this different energy, how we process it and how we choose to view the world (from either a positive or negative mindset), that ultimately dictates how this energy will affect our lives.

The energy of the first week of February is really scattered, which means various different¬†buttons may be pushed or we could feel a bit rebellious. The upside is we’ll¬†be given the opportunity to see things from a higher perspective¬†and¬†focus on the way we want things to become. Expect the unexpected ~ things may not flow the way we think they should.

The upcoming weekend may be a bit touchy, particularly Friday and Saturday (there is a lot of passionate energy around!) ~ any form of challenge is presenting itself in order to change your perspective on something ~ we may take a few steps back into the energy of the past before choosing to step into something different for our future.  Anything from the past that has been buried or that we need to release may bubble up ~ let it go. Allow your perspective to change, which will place you in a much calmer, stronger place. The key words to get us through 2016 are POSITIVE MINDSET.

New Moon in Aquarius ~ 8 February 2016

Exact at: 14.38 (GMT), 06.38 (PST), 08.20 (CST), 01.38 (EST) on 9th February

The New Moon occurs on the same day as the Chinese New Year, heralding in a completely new energy for 2016. This specific new moon connects us strongly to our childhood patterns and behaviours, so could trigger several archetypes (sides of ourselves) ~ if you ever feel rebellious, play the martyr or the victim, then you might feel the energy of this New Moon.

It’s also an inspirational New Moon, so on one level we might feel a little fuzzy headed & unsure, but then have beautiful moments of crystal clear clarity and inspiration. We may feel a little¬†vulnerable or sensitive, especially if any childhood stuff is¬†touched upon. Or we may feel like withdrawing completely for a little while, which is fine, but try to be productive with it. Do something creative, channel the energy some how rather than let it sit and wallow ~ even if it’s just to cook a lovely meal.

Chinese Year of the Red Fire Monkey ~ Begins 8 February 2016



The Chinese Year of the Red Fire Monkey is a wake up call. We will likely be confronted with anything we are consciously trying to avoid as this energy insists on us digging deep and dealing with reality as it is. By the end of January 2017, we should be able to look back and see how order has been born out of chaos ~ things are being reshuffled in order to settle us on much stronger ground. 2016 is foundational work for us all ~ if anything in our lives is rocky,tenuous or simply not meant to be, it will be removed one way or another. It is much easier to work with this energy if we take control of any change that we know, deep in our heart, needs to be made.

The energy of the world as a whole is likely to¬†escalate & speed up¬†in 2016, which can inflame all sorts of things from the Earth becoming more chaotic (natural disasters, extreme weather patterns etc) to religious or economic conflict. On some level, a Fire Monkey year raises the awareness or consciousness of the world as a whole, so look out for anything that causes the majority of us¬†to wake up and pull together. ¬†We’ll see this occurring¬†in small communities, in individual countries, across continents and globally. The best way to work with this energy is to¬†strive for compassion and togetherness. Judgement & separation will only escalate¬†conflict!

Monkey insists that we pull our head out of the sand and become part of something bigger than ourselves & that is usually at the¬†surrender of our own ego. Consider¬†everyone¬†and everything, put yourself in other people’s shoes before judging them.¬†Accept that their reality is just that ~ THEIR reality ~ and¬†respond¬†to that rather than try to fit things into how you think they should be.

12 people could be placed in a room and asked to watch a short video of a couple arguing. When interviewed separately afterwards, the majority of those 12 people will have a completely different perception & way of interpreting the video. Every single one of them will be RIGHT as it is their perception & their reality based on their individual life & background. So stay present, stay honest, stay open and LISTEN ~ the ego always wants to speak, so silence it, open your heart and really LISTEN to others and try to understand what their life is for them ~ if you have an attitude of only looking after you & yours, 2016 is going to hurt.

The lovely side of this energy is that¬†monkeys love nothing more than to¬†solve a problem, so although the energy is scattered, skittish, can be in your face¬†one minute and withdrawn the next¬†(think of the traits of monkeys in the wild), it is also curious and desperate to find solutions to anything we may¬†be struggling with. Monkeys are energetic and enthusiastic, so¬†harness this energy by stepping out of your comfort zone. Try things in a¬†variety of ways¬†until you can settle on something that feels right to you ~ narrow mindedness or black/white, singular perceptions are going to take a battering this year as we’re supposed to open our hearts, our eyes, our minds and our spirit!

The other good side of Monkey energy is that it is¬†very creative and what we really need to be creating is a better version of ourselves. It brings stamina and perseverance, which we’ll need this year as it’s going to be a fast one and we’re going to have periods where we feel absolutely fed up, tired and won’t want to play any more. The ‘red’ part of this year brings¬†motivation, energy and the ability to keep picking ourselves up¬†and getting on with it. It offers¬†focus and power, so work with red and earthy tones¬†if you can¬†(how coincidental that all 4 Mercury Retrogrades are in Earth energy this year too ūüėČ )

On a practical level (Feng Shui), keeping our home, work space, car etc as¬†clear and tidy as possible¬†will work wonders. They don’t call our egoic mind the ‘monkey mind’ for nothing ~ our head’s are going to be crazy busy this year, so creating a¬†calm, peaceful, clean environment to work in or come home to¬†will aid us in thinking and communicating clearly as well as feeling less anxious. The more clutter we have, the more our mind will¬†struggle.

In particular, keep the areas and doors clear and clean where people leave and enter the house or workplace. Make these areas clean, inviting, welcoming, open, well lit and aired etc. Tune into your gut feelings ~ you may feel inclined to place crystals, symbols, artwork, plants or something particular near the door ~ by all means do so as you will be tapping in intuitively to the energy in your home and will sense whether there needs to be a little more or less of a particular type of energy around the entrance/exit ways. This will allow abundant and positive energy to be drawn into and flow through the home/workplace.

If you want to build a¬†crystal grid or altar¬†this year, particularly for abundance or manifestation, the area for this Red Fire Monkey year is the back wall opposite the entry way to your home (see below diagram). It is called the fame/reputation section and even if you aren’t bothered with that sort of thing, it is where we must amplify energy in the home in order¬†to be abundant in this specific year. As you walk in the house, whatever is bang opposite you at the far side of the house is the area to place abundant offerings. For example, in my home, it is the kitchen windowsill.¬†You could also repeat this in each room, but the room governed by the element of Fire is the¬†living room, so I would make this the room to pay the most attention to this year. Make sure these areas are clean, clear, not cluttered and have something there that represents abundance¬†to you.


I will say that the Earth’s energy is rather chaotic and erratic at the moment. A lot of crystals that usually ground us¬†may affect us in a different way. Following the red theme and earth energy of the year, reach for Red Jasper as this will keep you gently grounded AND provide a lovely, stable, nurturing, comforting energy too. Also recommended for everyone are Fluorite or Labradorite ~ both or whichever you prefer. Both are excellent during times of transformation with Fluorite bringing order to any chaos and Labradorite providing stability & the ability to see things from a higher perspective.

Full Moon in Virgo ~ Snow Moon ~ 22 February 2016

Exact at: 18.20 (GMT), 10.20 (PST), 12.20 (CST), 05.20 (EST) on 23rd February.

I’ll provide another energy report later in the month to cover the Full Moon and energy shifts falling towards the end of February ~ when we begin the build up to Eclipse season once again!

Keep shining, with love and brightest of blessings

Krissy XXX

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