Energy Forecast ~ January 2015

Energy Forecast ~ January 2015


I hope you’ve had a great holiday season (which is still ongoing for many of us, given we’re not back to work/school here in UK until 5th January).

I’d like to say that January is going to be wonderful, full of new energy and motivation, but unfortunately, the waters out there are still choppy and from an energetic point of view. We’re building up to more major shifts in March/April 2015. Forewarned is forearmed 😉

Many people had a tough 2014, but the overall reason behind those challenges is to free us from any fears that have held us back from getting us where our Soul needs to go.

We are, after all, Souls that are living a human experience in order to learn. If everything was flowers and rainbows, there wouldn’t be much growth. Right now, indeed all the way through until 2019, we are ALL undergoing massive shifts and changes related to personal, inner growth.

Over the next few years, we will be poked, prodded, challenged and tested on our fears, on our judgements of others, on our judgement and inner criticism of ourselves and on our belief systems. We will see this happening globally within churches, communities and governments as well as on a personal level.

The first quarter of 2015 is all about transforming ourselves, of shaking off the old and freeing ourselves from the past, from other’s opinions and from any family or peer pressure that is holding us back.

In some area of our lives……… and that goes for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US…… exceptions, we will be asked to take a Leap of Faith and allow ourselves to grow. If it makes you feel fear, if it makes you feel uncomfortable, then you’re on the right track (as crazy as that may seem!)

January has some wonderful, powerful energy coursing through it’s veins. Energy that will motivate and spark us into action. This will be interspersed with energy that is stimulating in a different way, poking and prodding our wounds and egos, so prepare for another roller coaster month.

Keeping ourselves grounded and moving with the flow of whatever comes is the best way to surf the waters this month. There is no point asking ‘why’ something is happening. Its better to focus on how we’re dealing with it. On the upside, we are moving from a place of exploring the depths to expanding ourselves and from looking at our darkness and shadows to exploring the light.

The first weekend in January in particular brings a huge wave of motivational and transformational energy, right in time for the Full Moon. This will be a powerful time and opportunity for us to gain awareness and do something about the areas of life we aren’t happy with. We know the energy is coming, but how it manifests in our lives will be a very personal experience… may be sudden, things may happen in unexpected ways.

Try to respond to life over the next few weeks instead of reacting. Take a step back, think things through, assess the situation and then take action. If there is anger or any form of emotional reaction with no time to process, then the ego is in control and this will cause problems. Its the ego that has kept us down, kept us in a place we’re not happy with. The only way to ensure it isn’t in control is to give ourselves time to process everything and then make informed decisions on how we wish to respond. Reaction this month is bad….response is good. Can’t be any clearer than that 😉

We are all out of alignment right now. ALL of us. Everything that happens over the next three months is about bringing us back into alignment and we will feel so much better when that ‘click’ back into place occurs. If you think you’ve dealt with issues or patterns and they keep coming back, try not to get frustrated.

Patterns, belief systems and ways of thinking are deeply ingrained in our minds and energetic systems. For some, we are working through the clearing and ending of patterns that have lasted lifetimes. For others, it is what has occurred in this lifetime and will have direct links back to our childhood.

These sorts of deep changes don’t happen overnight, they cannot occur quickly. As wisely spoken by the donkey in Shrek, we are all onions and our issues are being worked through, layer by layer.

We’re working with several different themes that are long ranging. One has just started and continues for the next two years, another has been ongoing since 2010 and continues until 2019. With that in mind, we should ease up on ourselves and others. This isn’t a race, its a long, wonderful, life changing journey. We still stop and start, we will hop off the roller coaster to experience things along the way, we will sometimes be racing in a Ferrari and other times riding a camel. Stay aware, stay present and enjoy it as much as possible. 


The Full Moon is in Cancer on Monday 5th January, exact at 04.53 GMT. This one will pack a punch and with so much transformational and unexpected energy flying around, I’d hold off on moon bathing or gridding crystals at this full moon. The moon is at home in Cancer, but we need to look at what else is happening in the skies to get the true meaning of each full moon. They aren’t all the same. The moon represents our basic instincts, intuition and feelings, which when it is full in Cancer, heightens all of those things even more. The push-pull feeling we’ll have throughout January is likely to make even the most grounded and strong a little unstable. It is a good time to look deep within ourselves and at how we nurture our body, mind, heart and soul. This full moon is more about us on a personal level and less about others. Touch base with your own emotions leading up to this full moon. If you feel amazing, then by all means moon bathe, just be aware that our crystals soak up a collective energy, so whilst we might feel great, the majority will not and all of that fear and shift energy is being released into the collective. This full moon asks us to examine and come to accept our flaws and wounds. How do you defend your wounds from others? How do you treat yourself when faced with your flaws? To try and see the lessons or opportunities for growth that are being made available at this time.

The New Moon is in Aquarius on Tuesday 20th January, exact at 13.13 GMT. The New Moon is a time of rebirth, of new starts, so if you’ve tried to begin something in the New Year, but have found it difficult to stay on course, please don’t worry or beat yourself up about it. Most of the energy in January is about shaking us up and is erratic, so we may have days where we’re fully committed and moving at great speed, interspersed with days where we feel tired out and just can’t be bothered. Instead of kicking ourselves, we should move with the shifts as much as possible and focus on the New Moon and really buckling down once it approaches. This New Moon encourages us to think outside the box, to come up with creative, new and different ways to approaching our problems. We may feel like distancing ourselves from those whom have contributed to our old, negative ways of thinking and being. That is perfectly normal and necessary. We need a little detachment from the past in order to create a void space where new things can be born. NOW is the time to set a manifestation or positivity grid and to leave it up for the full lunar cycle. It will be extremely powerful and positive!

We have a lovely little Quadrantid meteor shower that we pass through on 3/4 January. This shower isn’t as famous or revered as although it has a decent amount of meteors, they pass in a very short period of time. Peak activity lasts for less than a day. Try watching the skies between midnight and dawn on January 3rd or 4th. The moon waxing to full is likely to create a lot of light in the sky, which isn’t great when watching for meteors. Those in the Northern Hemisphere have the best chance of seeing this lovely little shower. Find the Big Dipper constellation in the sky and look just below it (at the tip of the handle on the dipper). That is the radiant point for the Quadrantids.

So all in all, energetically we’re still experiencing a push/pull and a lot of unexpected and erratic experiences.

Keep looking to the future with new vision, new hope and new determination. Harness this powerful energy when you are able and give yourself a break when you’re not. Work on grounding and silencing that inner critic this month, on responding instead of reacting.

Think twice before posting things on FB and be careful with the written word. If anything important has to be communicated through writing, then keep whatever it is in draft form, wait a few days and then go back to it. Only when you’ve consistently returned to it several times and still feel the same way should anything be sent. This goes for all areas of our lives, family, relationships and work.

With much love and excitement for this challenging, but ultimately liberating New Year.

Huge hugs

Krissy XXX


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