December Energy Forecast 2015

December Energy Forecast 2015

Hello Lovely

Welcome to the December Energy Forecast 🙂

It is absolutely lashing down with rain outside, blowing gale force winds, the heating is on full blast and I’m sat in two layers of fuzzy pyjamas. Hello December 😉  Weather wise, this is my least favourite month. Long, dark nights, lots of cold, wet, windy rain and MUD! I need waterproofs to walk the dogs at this time of year…….. and a self cleaning kitchen floor please Santa 😉 On the upside there is time off over Christmas to spend with family & friends and the energy this month is very heart centred, which is lovely.

Whilst the energy is very soft and emotionally supportive, for some of us, it may stoke old wounds at random times during the month, making us feel vulnerable.  If you’re highly sensitive and can be easily hurt, practice simple protection exercises this month. Use Black Tourmaline alongside heart opening crystals such as Kunzite, Pink Tourmaline or Mangano Calcite, those that connect us to Divine, Universal, loving energy. We need to feel our emotions and try to remain open this month rather than battening down the hatches behind old defence systems. Make sure to protect yourself from negative energy, but not build a wall so high that none of the good can get through.

If you like a drink or take any mind altering substances, be careful the weekend before the New Moon (12/13 Dec). There will be a lot of fire energy around at that time, plus a meteor shower and the build up to the New Moon void so there is a lot going on energetically. We’re likely to have less control, less concern about our boundaries or our safety and could easily be triggered into conflict if we have any unresolved issues or suppressed anger.

Its the same on Christmas Day. Be aware that the Full Moon will also trigger us to be less concerned with what we say or to whom! We may feel justified at the time, but will regret it later. Sometimes things need to be said or released in order to clear the air………at other times it simply throws fuel on a fire and ignites everything. We’d be wise to pay attention between mid-end December and make sure we know the difference between those two situations. One leads to healing, the other leads to drama.

The positive manifestation of this energy is that we’ll simply get our heads down and get on with everything that needs to be done in December without much drama or bother. We won’t pay much attention to healing, spiritual things, energy or growth and that’s fine too.  Its a busy time of year for most of us, leading up to a much needed break.  It’s been such a hectic year, lots of challenges, change, lessons and growth for many. Once work winds up this month, I think I’ll spend a day doing nothing, but sipping top quality hot chocolate and watching rubbish TV 😉


The New Moon is in Sagittarius on 14 December at 10.29 GMT. New Moon’s are a time when we have to follow our gut instincts & intuition and be careful how we think and act. What we wish for at this time sends out clear intentions to the Universe. If we’re not conscious of that, then we stand to reap things we really didn’t mean to sow! This New Moon in particular is about integrity. How do we uphold and maintain our own personal integrity? How do we set and honour our boundaries? How do we deal with secrets and dishonesty? How do we work with the hidden parts of ourselves? Many are discovering hidden parts of themselves between 2014-2018 and doing the necessary work to integrate, capitalise on or heal whatever comes to the surface. If we are spiritual, do we convey any intuited information with the utmost honesty and openness?

I wouldn’t recommend do-ing during this New Moon so much as be-ing. Stay grounded, connect yourself to Earth energy or to nature in some way, don’t focus on any rituals, crystals or anything in particular. The key word for Sagittarius is freedom, so if you follow the lunar calender and like to acknowledge or work with the energy of New and Full Moons, this time round, do nothing. Simply free up some time, connect to the Earth and then do whatever feels right in that exact moment. Opening ourselves up, creating a void in which we ask the space to be filled for our highest good……it takes us on a journey. It might lead you into your own mind, outdoors, to the local coffee shop, to contact a friend……. Sagittarius also likes adventure, so see where this vibrant Centaur wants to take you on this New Moon 😉

The Full Moon falls in Cancer on 25 December at 11.11 GMT. How cool is that time on Christmas Day for there to be an exact Full Moon! And in the sign of Cancer too, who’s all about home and family. However, Full Moons cause us to release things and Cancer likes to say it as it is. Sooooo, for those who are in a positive frame of mind and happy to be at home and surrounded by family, this Full Moon should simply amplify the good energy in the home and release the part of us that feels safe, satisfied, grateful and totally in the moment. If you’re in conflict with anyone however, particularly a family member and will be seeing them on Christmas Day, watch out. Be aware your protective instinct over family and loved ones will be stoked as will the desire to speak bluntly.

The Geminid Meteor Shower is the last shower in 2015 and arrives on 12 December. It’s a little kick of motivational energy before the New Moon and should be visible Worldwide. I’ll blog about the specific time/date/place to watch closer to the time so check back next week 🙂

Enjoy December. I know the weather is horrible for many at the moment, but try to connect to Nature this month if you can. Or practice grounding and drawing energy up from the Earth on a daily basis. It doesn’t take long to do it and after a few days, you’ll feel such a difference. You will feel it even more acutely if it is something you used to do, but now either feel you don’t need or can’t be bothered any more. It’s a really easy way to stay anchored with all the fluctuating energy around.

Rest, go to the pub, socialise with friends, enjoy your family or kids, get away with your partner, have some solitary time alone just for yourself or whatever the December holidays means to you. Make it a month in which you do something kind and loving to yourself, where you give yourself a break.

January will be here soon enough and we’re straight into a Mercury Retrograde phase from 5-25, which will drive anyone with a New Years Resolution to distraction as it is NOT the time to take action. It’s a time to analyse, plan, research, reflect and contemplate. It’s not until the end of January that the energy shifts and we really start to propel forward again. So take the foot off the gas pedal in December, ease up, take some time out for yourself and then ease into January too, knowing that there is no point rushing or worrying about anything. This makes for a fairly chilled start to the year ~ pun absolutely intended 😉

I wish you and yours an amazing Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

With love and blessings

Krissy XXX

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