Current Energy & Retrograde Effects ~ April/May 2016

Current Energy & Retrograde Effects ~ April/May 2016

Hello Lovely 🙂

There is so much going on astrologically this year, particularly with retrograde planets, I thought a blog on what they all specifically mean might help!

In layman’s terms, the planets in our solar system move direct (forwards), are stationery (standing still) or are retrograde (going backwards). The energy intensifies several days either side of a planet changing direction.

On April 28, there will be five planets & one dwarf planet in retrograde. This creates a LOT of internal energy. How much it affects each of us depends on our own,  individual, unique astrology chart. However, with five+ planets in retrograde, most people will be affected by at least one of them. The majority will be effected by several of them and for those feeling all five in retrograde at once, you might be want to become a hermit until Summer is over 😉

You may read the below and resonate with it a little or a lot. Each retrograde phase is likely to affect a different area of life such as relationships, work, finance, travel, communication, family, health etc.

Retrograde Planets

The information below is specific rather than general to the particular retrograde periods that we are all experiencing now. A retrograde period isn’t a bad thing at all, it slows us down, asks us to look within ourselves and do some really positive, deep work.  

Without a doubt, 2016 is about clearing the decks of everything that no longer works, completing cycles and ensuring our lives are built on rock solid foundations.

Saturn ~ In retrograde until 13 August 2016

Saturn is the hard task master and when he turned retrograde in March, we were asked to take a look at past & present disappointments regarding our relationships or finances. Now is the time for us to learn whatever lessons we need to learn on those issues.

This energy is restrictive, so if we are already in a restrictive relationship, life situation, home or job ~ and it’s not right for us ~ the pressure is likely to rack up until it becomes unbearable. This forces change, so if you’re feeling an extreme amount of pressure in any area of your life, don’t resist it because you’ll be fighting a losing battle. It is trying to take you to a better place, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. 

CHOOSE how you want things to be & take action to shift things yourself ~ or wait for the Universe to create so much pressure, it forces your hand. This pressure can also make us feel lonely, depressed, lazy or overindulgent. It is OK to allow ourselves to sit in these states of being for a short amount of time, but not for long.

This Saturn retrograde will put pressure on our most intimate relationships ~ to get the most out of this time, we need to be extremely honest with ourselves & others. Do whatever hard work is required now so you don’t have to go through it again. It’s that simple. If we’re lazy, if we allow fear to control us, if we don’t make the effort now ~ these lessons will turn up again at a later date, usually with drama, chaos or an added sting in their tail.

It’s a frustrating time as lots of extra commitments, responsibilities and jobs are likely to pop up that distract us from our normal routines. It is not the time to take on new things. Our energy is better focused on strengthening and solidifying whatever is already working for us.  Saturn’s energy is uncomfortable, but the results we gain from working hard, from pulling our head out of the sand & taking action, by focusing on what is already good in our lives & seeing how we can make that stronger or better…….that is positive, life changing stuff that EMPOWERS us!

Jupiter ~ In retrograde, turning direct again on 9 May 2016

Jupiter retrograde brings energy that supports us in growing on some level. Whether that be within our relationships, materially or spiritually. This is a time when we need to seek inner wisdom and to focus on ourselves. We cannot change other people, we can only change how we respond to them or to any given situation in life.

This is a time when we should look at ourselves, how we behave, how we think and how we feel. It is also a time to let go willingly when the things/people/situations that no longer serve us are removed from our life. We might think we need them, but it isn’t until they’re gone that we realise Jupiter retrograde has actually done us a favour! This is a time to focus on the quality of our life and our journey so far, not the destination. All of these retrograde phases ask us to focus on ourselves, here and now.

The only warning in this particular Jupiter retrograde is about self control. If we need it in any area of our lives, this will become glaringly obvious! Whether we lack self control in relationships, with drugs or alcohol, with money or wealth, with food, with spirituality etc………if we need to be more disciplined or in control of ourselves, we’ll be presented with the opportunity to learn how to do that now.


Mars ~ Just turned retrograde 17 April until 29 June 2016

Mars retrograde is an uncomfortable energy for many, particularly those who want to race ahead and take action. This retrograde period gives us the chance to think before we respond to people and situations. It teaches us the difference between reacting and responding. A reaction is egoic & is often based on past experiences. A response comes from the calm, centered, adult part of ourselves that is clearly in the present moment.

It is a time when we can explore our shadow/dark sides & the parts of ourselves we dislike ~ we can either accept the way we are or change the behaviour. Doing nothing is no longer an option. If we hit blocks or delays, we’re focusing on the wrong thing. Our attention needs to be given to other areas of life.

Pluto ~ Just turned retrograde 18 April until 26 September 2016

This Pluto retrograde demands that we go within ourselves and seek our inner truth.  The deeper we go, the more connected we become. If you work with this energy, it will open you up to a wonderful depth of compassion, both for yourself & others.  This is a time to de-clutter our lives & let go of anything that isn’t working for us any more. This creates a void, which can make us feel unstable & bring up fear, but know that the space is being created for something new & more positive to arrive.

Pluto retrograde is death & rebirth ~ whether that be within ourselves or regarding external things in our lives, the old is making way for the new. If there are any suppressed or unresolved matters preventing you from moving forward, this is the time they will rise to the surface to be addressed.

Mercury ~ Goes retrograde 28 April until 22 May 2016

Whilst a Mercury retrograde period might cause problems with external communications, it is a time when the connection to our inner self becomes stronger. This Mercury Retrograde phase is in an Earth sign, which offers us the opportunity  to slow down a little in our day to day lives. For those that need to slow down and aren’t doing so, this Mercury Retrograde will throw up delays and setbacks to make the message clear.

It’s a time to stop taking action for a few weeks and look back on the first quarter of 2016.  How has the year gone for you so far? What’s working and what isn’t? How do you want the next three months to go? Any foundational steps we miss now will show up in glorious techni-colour at the end of Summer and will be much harder to process then due to the amount of emotional energy that will be around.  This retrograde phase in an Earth sign also gives us the opportunity to enjoy things that are pleasurable ~ spending time with family & friends, getting out in nature, eating good food. It’s a good time to over indulge a little and spoil ourselves. 

The combination of all of these retrograde planets is literally to cleanse our lives, get rid of anything that isn’t working and to heal, accept or change whatever necessary. We have had these themes come at us time and time again over the last decade, but this year, it’s no more messing about, no more delaying, the gloves are off and we need to DO THE WORK. Even if we’ve been working hard over the past few years to learn, change and grow, 2016 is when we can truly go deep within ourselves and make connections like never before.

This energy isn’t going to ease up either with Neptune, Chiron & dwarf planet Pallas going retrograde in June, and Uranus in July!

There is a truly Karmic feel to the energy this year, with lots of old memories and wounds coming to the surface. Things we may not have thought about for years, or situations we thought we had already healed or dealt with may present themselves again. Sometimes it’s to test whether we’ve really changed….at other times it’s to test our boundaries or to show us how far we’ve truly come.

Other Karmic events may occur out of the blue. Anything sudden and unexpected is likely to carry a powerful lesson. People may appear and then disappear within 6-8 months that completely blow your mind….again, there will be a karmic element or some form of Soul Group connection, whereby you have agreed to help, support or catalyse each other in this lifetime.

Completing karmic cycles is a very powerful and life changing experience, so if you are currently undergoing huge changes in your life, know that you are going to come out the other side feeling incredibly strong & empowered. It will just take a little time, hard work and patience.

The large amount of the creative souls passing over is another sign of it being a Karmic year of completions. These beautiful people made us laugh, they made us cry, we feel their passing so keenly because their creativity touched our soul on some level. Whether through art, writing, comedy or music. This reminds us of our own mortality so we question our own lives and how well we are living them. All of the energy this year is asking us to go deeper, to dig out and deal with the nitty gritty. To go over everything and make sure we’re standing on solid ground. This year is designed for us to get to know ourselves more than we ever have before. Who are you now? Who do you want to be in future? The quality of the journey between those two destinations is the key. 

What a truly transformational year 2016 is ~ all I can advise is be brutally honest with yourself and do the hard work now as it will most certainly pay off by the time we reach 2018.

It’s a hard ride this year, so remember to jump off the speed train every now and again to rest, put your feet up, have some fun or re-energise yourself in whatever way works for you. Work hard, play hard…..well that’s my motto for the next three months 😉

With love and blessings

Krissy xxx


  1. Frances woolf says:

    Well seems I might just need a big ground sheet, huge duvet, mixture of thermals & summer clothes & head for them hills- dig a huge hole and hibernate until the planets have finished ‘playing’.
    This year has certainly been bumpy, full of karmic cycles & opportunities to heal & let go; catch your breath before another energy wave occurs from another direction. Quiet trying. Xx

  2. Linda Schmidt says:

    Thank you for this explanation — which was very easy for me to understand. Usually, I get lost in these cosmic explanations… I am experiencing what you have described here — and now can deal with it and look forward to potential positive outcome for me. I recognized that some kind of big change was trying to happen within me — and was confused but determined to let it play out — as there are several things about me that I feel a big need to change. Thank you and blessings to you and yours.

  3. Bridget says:

    Two questions: one-What stones would be good for these retrogrades; two-do you have a recommendation for Who/where to get an astrology chart done? Thank you again for the wonderful energy information! ????

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