August Energy Report 2014

August Energy Report 2014

Phew ~ hands up who thinks July has been a bit of a roller coaster? And fast? It might just be me, but July seems to have flown by at an incredible speed.

August doesn’t look like its going to slow down much either! There is a LOT of big, long-term planetary movements happening as well as a good deal of active Earth Energy and stimulating events taking place around the globe. All of this adds up to form a ‘collective’ energy. When writing these energy reports, I’m studying the sun, stars, moon, sky, earth, human beings and everything that makes up the energy that affects us all generally each month ~ and then adding my own intuitive and channelling gifts on top of the science & logic. Its an awesome and fun process 🙂 There are always going to be differing individual circumstances that affect us personally, but as a general guide, this is how I see August shaping up for us.

A lot of people have been feeling the energy shift in the last few weeks of July and its been quite challenging. This is to be expected as we move from the emotional, home bound, security conscious sign of Cancer into the playful, creative, extrovert sign of Leo. The negative aspects of Leo are irritability, impatience, intolerance and just plain roaring anger! For those of you feeling these negative aspects and wondering where its all coming from, I would think you are an empath or at the very least, incredibly sensitive to energy. If you’d like to read more about being an Empath, please Click Here.

Those who work with crystals, spirit, sound, reiki or any form of energy are likely to be tuning in and being affected. You’re picking up on the collective shift occurring around the planet. Look at how the awful fighting in Gaza has escalated these past few weeks! People will have shorter fuses and less tolerance as we move through August and work out how to settle into this new groove of energy. I’ll write more about that in the Mid-Month Energy Report, so check back later in August.

The upside is, once settled, we’re going to be able to open our hearts and minds to a fantastic new source of fire, motivation and creativity! It’ll just be a little bit bumpy for a few weeks until after the Full Moon. Try to remain in a place of compassion, openness and understanding if possible. If not, there is no point beating yourself up. Everyone is likely to slip, snap or growl at some point ~ it is simply the energy at the moment! It is stoking and poking our ego, but also provides a huge amount of strength. This sort of energy fosters our desire to stand up for ourselves, in our own power and truth and also provides the extra push to get back up again if we’ve been knocked down. We’re all in the same boat, try not to take anything too personally.


The largest and most ‘super’ of the Super Moons this year is the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 10 ~ 18.11pm GMT.  Timings for the US are: at 2:09 p.m. EDT, 1:09 p.m. CDT, 12:09 p.m. MDT and 11:09 a.m. PDT. The moon will not be so close to Earth again until the full moon of September 28, 2015!

There are only three definite Super Moons in 2014 in July, August and September.  The crest of the August Full Moon and the exact point at which it is closest to earth falls within one hour of each other ~ hence it being the most Super of the Supers 😉 This is the Full Moon that will cause the highest & lowest tides for several days for those of you who live on the coast. 

This Full Moon is in Aquarius and that is the sign of anything goes! This is the time to be rebellious, to stand in our truth, to buck the trends and blaze a path of our own desire! Whatever it takes to experience or manifest FREEDOM is what comes to the fore on an Aquarius Full Moon.

This is also the best Full Moon to break out of a rut or experience a break through 🙂 Astrology always looks at both the positive and negative aspects of everything ~ so this full moon may bring up some dramatic situations (the negative), but if we can hold our head high, remain cool & calm and act with respect/dignity (the positive), then we can use these opportunities to grow! There is always a choice whether to get mired in the drama or smile and let things go. This full moon will also teach us the balance between what is really important and worth our time…..and what isn’t. 

If you feel drawn, this is a good month in which to Moon Bathe crystals. Just be sure to set your intent for them to only soak up POSITIVE energy this full moon. With the amount of emotion in the air and the downright naughtiness and ‘release of the rebel’ sort’ve energy this moon can bring up……its best to let our crystals know which way we’d like them to interact with the Moon or they might just go a little haywire….lol 😉

There are also other planetary aspects that are very strong and triggering a lot of watery, emotional energy too. This energy will continue through the first few weeks of August. On one side we may feel vulnerable and possibly emotional, on the other side, we want to be standing strong or smiling through. We’re going to be highly sensitive, but are not likely to be able to deal with those emotions in the moment. Just make sure those emotions are processed, discussed or released at some point afterwards. Keep the energy moving through, its the best way to work with, rather than against the flow.

The contradictory energy continues throughout 2014 ~ as an overall yearly theme, it feels like humanity is going through a huge lesson on BALANCE.

The New Moon is in Virgo on August 25 14.13pm GMT. I’ll write more about what this means to us all in the Mid-Month Energy Report.

August is one of my favourite months because it is still warm, the evenings are still light and it is also shooting star season. There are many meteor showers each year, but August is the best time for viewing worldwide, with a typical fall of 50-100 meteors per hour. Two different meteor showers occur at the same time during the first two weeks of August. The Delta Aquarids and the Perseids Meteor Showers. The peak of these is 10-13 August so be sure to check back here closer to that date for full information on where, when and how to spot these awesome meteors.

I am lucky enough to be camping out at a Festival near York over the weekend of 10-13 August, so heres to laying back on the grass in pitch darkness, watching the night sky for shooting stars 🙂

Hope you have a lovely month and enjoy the rest of the Summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, whilst the Southern Hemisphere is hopefully starting to melt and move closer to Spring. It is a wonderful time of energy on the Earth, despite all the other energy around at the moment!

With cosmic cuddles 😉
Krissy XXX

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