August Energy Forecast 2016 ~ A New Reality

August Energy Forecast 2016 ~ A New Reality

Hello and Welcome to the August Energy Forecast ūüôā

We are currently in an extremely active cycle of life, moving from a world of older perceptions, beliefs, structures and behavioural patterns towards something new. This can be seen on both global and personal levels and we are approximately half way through the process.

Each of us is being asked to take responsibility for whom we wish to be in this world, during this lifetime. The energy that has been holding society together for decades is shifting, transforming everything from the ground up. This is manifesting as extreme tests of faith, religion, social bonds, perceptions and belief systems with a view to rebuilding our value structures. These new structures will be based on who we wish to be and in what kind of world we want to live in, rather than being based on our past/upbringing.

The more we can open our minds to look at and try to understand both sides of the dual nature of all things in life, the quicker we will move forward ~ it is time to become as conscious/aware as humanly possible! The aim of this incredibly powerful year is to move us out of states of separation, judgement and fear into a place of deeper connection and belief.

August and September are intense months of transformation. To get the best out of such powerful energy, we have to work on a personal level AND participate on a wider level within our own communities and countries. What happens during these months for many will be a trigger point that truly alters their course in life. Change creates a lot of fear. Even positive change can happen so fast or in such a way that it destabilises everything.

The point of the coming months is to truly look fear in the face and make a decision. Will you succumb to it? Will you take the easy route, ignore it, disassociate from it or drown it in distractions and escapism? Or will you awaken on some level and realise that fear simply cannot control your life any more? We will be asked this time and again over the coming months ‘What are you afraid of?’. Sit with that for a moment, grab a cuppa, think, ponder………. what are you REALLY afraid of? Dare you look at it head on? Dare you take responsibility for it and for yourself?

August is a strange month as the weekends are likely to be quite intense energetically, followed by easier, more empowering & supportive energy during the week.

The moon is seen in the sky over the Golden Gate Bridge during an eclipse on Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011, in San Francisco. The next full eclipse of the moon will not happen until April 14, 2014. (AP Photo/San Francisco Chronicle, Frederic Larson) NORTHERN CALIFORNIA MANDATORY CREDIT PHOTOG & CHRONICLE; MAGS OUT; NO SALES;

The first week in August ushers in a lovely breath of fresh air with the New Moon that is likely to feel inspiring and motivational. However, with masculine/feminine energy in direct opposition to each other over the first weekend in August, it’s like to feel a bit challenging. I wouldn’t recommend starting anything new, particularly regarding money, finance or business, until after 13th August. If any relationship issues come up, feelings and communication around those feelings is likely to feel either fired¬†up, or very awkward and difficult to express. Try to muddle through in the calmest way possible ~ these oppositions happen occasionally to clear the air and enable us to come to a better understanding of each other. Or this conflict could manifest internally within ourselves ~ the masculine & feminine aspects of our characters wanting to be expressed at the same time!

After a challenging weekend, the second week in August will feel much brighter as the energy flows better, so we can fall into an easy rhythm with it. Ideas may start to flourish and the ability to clearly express those ideas and the truth of who we are will come naturally. Ground yourself well this week as the weekend is likely to bring some insecure energy with it, highlighting our wounds or inner child issues. Again, relationships are highlighted as we start to realise that we might need to really look at ourselves and put some serious work in to create better structures with our loved ones that honour the individual, whilst still creating a unified couple. It is a time to open our minds and allow our perceptions to shift ~ and to take responsibility for our actions!

The third week in August¬†should feel more supportive and stable. With the energy building towards the partial Lunar Eclipse¬†and Full Moon this week, those being affected are likely to feel rebellious and fired up! Be careful of making snap decisions around this time or speaking without thinking. Our intuition will be heightened, but ensure you’re following your gut/intuition instead of the head. The weekend will leave us feeling regretful if something unexpected has occurred or burst forth from within us. It’s all fine, the energy is simply lowering down again so we can process everything and look at any issues we may have surrounding fear or lack of trust.

The last weeks of August are interesting as there is a trigger point on 24/25 that is likely to bring up frustration, anger, confusion, disillusionment, fear etc. It is designed to push us to change, so if you are affected by this energy, know that it is taking you to a better place. It’ll either occur like a whirlwind or simply be the trigger to a longer process ~ either way, there will be no doubt if it is affecting you as it is a very powerful ‘shift’. The energy eases after this to give us a bit of a break and Mercury turns retrograde at the end of the month, slowing our minds¬†down so we can review everything that has happened during August.


NEW MOON IN LEO ~ 2nd August 2016 ~ Exact at 20.45pm GMT

This New Moon is a welcome relief as it is no where near as intense as some ¬†of the New Moons this year. It brings with it an air of uplifting energy to start August off. This is a very creative and inspirational New Moon that may provide a big energy boost of optimism and positivity. Try to connect to your inner heart and your inner child if you can, allowing that joyful, adventurous, loving, curious energy to flow forth. This is a good time to focus on what feels blissful to you, on what feeds your soul. It is a fantastic time to spend close to loved ones or off in a little creative world of your own ~ whatever brings the feel good factor! ¬†If you’d like to undertake any manifestation, visualisation or altar work, this is a wonderful New Moon on which to do so. However, with the build up to the eclipse and the hectic activity of energy coming up during the rest of the month, make anything you undertake a short, intense, 3 day ritual (1,2,3 Aug) which fully enhances the energy of the New Moon and is then released to the Universe. ¬†What are you passionate about? How can you express your creativity? Focus on those things with all your love, power and belief during this New Moon.

FULL MOON IN AQUARIUS ~ 18th August 2016 ~ Almost a Lunar Eclipse ~ Exact at 9.29am GMT

This Full Moon is also called the Sturgeon or Full Green Corn Moon. Although this is not actually a proper Eclipse, it does have a very similar energy building to it. I would expect this Full Moon to also be a¬†trigger point for many and the energy around this Full Moon to be quite powerful. I never put my crystals out to charge under a Moon when there is Eclipse energy around as it is very erratic and can impact our emotions strongly. If I had to choose a symbol to explore or connect to for this month, it would be the Phoenix. Structures may fall, relationships may crumble……but out of the ashes, something new and more beautiful will form ~ something in line with our true, inner Spirit. Even if you cannot see the end point, have faith.¬†


There is still a lot of activity in the skies with¬†Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto & dwarf planet Pallas still retrograde throughout August. Mercury also joins the mix from 30 Aug – 22 Sept and Ceres, another dwarf planet, turns retrograde on 31st August. So again, seven different planets/dwarf planets in retrograde at the same time, but a completely different mix from earlier in the year. Great news is that Saturn turns direct again on 13th August, which will bring a welcome ease in whatever area of life that has¬†been under pressure.¬†¬†If you’d like further information on retrograde planets and their meanings, please Click Here.


  • 2nd ¬†~ New Moon in Leo
  • 11th & 12th ~ Perseids Meteor Shower Peaks
  • 13th ~ Saturn Turns Direct
  • 18th ~ Almost Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Aquarius
  • 25/25 ~ Trigger Point for change
  • 30th ~ Mercury Turns Retrograde
  • 31st ~¬†Ceres Turns Retrograde

The¬†Perseids Meteor Shower peaks on August 11th & 12th and we are likely to experience a ‘burst’ this year! ¬†I will post¬†full details in next week’s blog.

Phew, what a run down for August (and September is even busier!!!).

Buckle up and get ready to ride ūüėČ

With love and blessings

Krissy XXX


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