April Energy Forecast 2016 ~ Full Speed Ahead

April Energy Forecast 2016 ~ Full Speed Ahead

Hello Lovely 🙂

So…..we’ve just been through the first set of double eclipses this year…….. how did March feel for you?  There seems to be three different groups for those that have been affected by recent energies:

  • There are those that have been actively seeking change, are open, aware and have been blown away by how fast their life is now moving and transforming. The energy for this sort of change would have been building for months with the realisations and ‘ah ha’ moments really manifesting mid March and now into April. This sort of energy is quite powerful and on a cyclic level doesn’t just occur at the time of the eclipses. Whatever group you fall into, eclipse energy can start working two months beforehand or not manifest until sometime during the two months afterwards.  The whole cycle of change or transformational impact, from start to finish, usually lasts around six months.
  • There are those that may have heard of the eclipses, but didn’t realise they would be affected by them. They have been completely surprised by the ‘change’ that has presented itself in their lives. They either don’t want it or are frightened by it. Some people will have connected with another on a soul level, out of the blue and not know what to do with that energy (as it is usually quite overwhelming or confusing). Others will have had a short, sharp shock with a sudden house move, job change/loss, relationship shift, passing of a loved one or an unforeseen illness.
  • Then there are those that are being affected on a deeper, more subtle, internal level. Things aren’t changing in their external world in any drastic way (job, home, relationship, health etc), but on an internal level, things are coming to the surface. Old wounds, old behavioural patterns that need to change, old ways of thinking or being etc. There is a need to release the past in order to move forward. This group have probably been feeling quite uncomfortable as they are being asked to investigate and integrate the parts of themselves they usually reject or are ashamed of. Alternatively, the people around them will have acted like a mirror, shining a light on what needs to be addressed.

Grief has been a key emotion for me over the past few months. It’s been coming up as memories of my Nana, missing my parents (who both live overseas), dreaming about old relationships and in overwhelming moments of sadness that are hard to shake. It’s not an emotion I’m comfortable with.  It’s made even more difficult as I connect to Universal and Earth energy on a daily basis. The grief I feel for humanity and the state our World is currently in is overwhelming. Trying to work through and control all of this emotion means I struggle to watch the news, cry over Facebook posts showing cruelty to animals, feel devastated & infuriated by people attacking the weak & vulnerable and ache on a soul level for the genuine refugees ~ the mothers, fathers and children that have lost everything and are living in a constant state of fear, depression or anger. It is heartbreaking.

Underlying all of this is my own, personal grief that hasn’t been released over the years. It feels like lifting the lid off this pressure cooker of emotion will be too much to bear so I’ve been avoiding it. I know better. If it isn’t released willingly, it’ll come out at the most inappropriate time and I’ll end up sobbing in the middle of Sainsbury’s fruit & vegetable aisle!

So, 2016 so far has been hard, fast and an eye opener for many. This energy continues into April and will come in waves throughout the month. Once you figure out the wave, for example: excitement v boredom, energetic v exhausted, mentally on fire v unable to focus, sociable v antisocial, happy v sad ~ when you figure out the wave, you can move with it.

There will always be a spectrum, it is simply different for each of us. These waves of energy are actually boosting us and then encouraging us to rest, so if you find yourself tipping between one emotion or state of being and the next, try not to get too caught up in either ~ just be aware, don’t invest too much time or energy into either end of that spectrum unless if feels absolutely right to do so. Move with the energy as much as possible. Learn to appreciate the up and the down, for they both carry gifts if we can expand our perspective & awareness enough.


New Moon in Aries ~ 7 April 2016 ~ 12.24pm (GMT)

New Moons are times of new beginnings, but they require awareness to work with the energy as everything we do around the time of a New Moon near an eclipse can set our subconscious patterning for the coming six months. This is a time when we really need to be aware of our deepest emotions, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  This is a stripped back New Moon ~ a time when things should be kept as clear, straightforward and as simple as possible. Look at how you can initiate something new during this Aries New Moon (Aries is the start of the year in astrological terms, so this is the first New Moon of the astrological year).

A new healthy eating or fitness habit, a new social venture, a new way of handling emotions or thoughts….anything along those lines. Keep it simple, be brutally honest with yourself and others, drop any drama and chaos (for that belongs to the past) and be direct. It’s better to be blunt than to be silent. If you’d like to set a crystal grid up or do any manifestation/visualisation work around this New Moon, keep everything very simple and be 100% authentic. Focus on one thing only and give it your utmost attention and effort so it is both obvious and powerful. The energy is really unstable at the moment so short, sharp, clear and direct is the way to cut straight through any confusion.  If you want love, BE love, GIVE love and the same with abundance or anything else. For example, its no good trying to manifest money if you cling on to it on any level.  Be 100% yourself in any given moment, but be aware that with so much shifting energy, you may feel differently from one day or even hour to the next! That’s OK. It’s better to shift and alter our perceptions and feelings in line with the shifting energy than worry about whether we’re coming across as a bit of a loonie or basket case 😉

Full Moon in Scorpio ~ 22 April 2016 ~ 06.24am (GMT)

This Scorpio Full Moon is the Full Moon that brings the biggest opportunity for deep change or renewal ~ hence my feeling that the transformational impact of the March eclipses hasn’t quite left us yet, certainly not until this Full Moon passes. It is a time to face reality and to build our lives on more solid foundations. This Full Moon paves the way for Mercury going retrograde six days later, which will make us look at stability on some level. If we can look at our lives now and address anything that feels like it is on rocky ground, we’ll be in a good place to process the retrograde phase.

Now is a good time to ‘go clean’ on some level. If you’ve been suppressing anything via addictions such as alcohol, food or drugs, if you’ve been disconnected from the people around you in any way, if you’ve been distracting yourself with television, books, gaming or the internet ~ step away from it, just for a little while. I feel it’s really important this month for us to look at our lives with crystal, clear clarity and honesty. To be as conscious as we possibly can ~ not for long, to expect everyone to walk around being fully present is a hard ask for many, but just for a few weeks ~ or even a few days if that is all  you can manage. I want us all out of our ego minds and subconscious patterns long enough to gain a good, healthy, clear awareness. Drop the drama, the ‘he said she said’, the chaos, the support mechanisms we hide behind ~ strip back, be bare, be open, be YOU!!!  If we stick our head in the sand now, we are going to get our backsides kicked into touch at the end of August!

The Lyrid Meteor Shower arrives between 16-25 April, with the peak being the morning of 22 April. This coincides with the Full Moon, so it will be difficult to see meteors if the moon is high and flooding the sky with light. However, on an energetic level, it’s interesting that the two coincide at exactly the same time. Meteor shower energy is stimulating, irritating or tiring, depending on how we process it and how active the sun is at the time. I’m interested to see what we feel during the Lyrid Meteor shower this year.

Toward the end of April, we gain some breathing space as Mercury once again goes retrograde from April 28 to May 22. It is retrograde in an Earth sign, which should offer the opportunity for us to slow down a little in our day to day lives. For those that need to slow down and aren’t doing so, this Mercury Retrograde will throw up delays and setbacks to make the message clear. It’s a time to stop taking action and instead, look back on the first quarter of 2016.  How has the year gone for you so far? What’s working and what isn’t? How do you want the next three months to go? Take the time to reflect. We are moving so fast, it’s important to check we’re fully present in reality and haven’t missed anything along the way. Any foundational steps we miss now will be shown in glorious technicolour at the end of Summer and will be much harder to process then as it will be an incredibly emotional time. 

It’s also important to take this break, because life will speed up again and the next Mercury Retrograde isn’t going to be as quiet. It arrives bang in the middle of a set of almost TRIPLE eclipses.  Lunar to stoke our emotions, Solar (a full, total eclipse that isn’t named ‘Ring of Fire’ for nothing) and then another Lunar eclipse. So slow down during this Mercury Retrograde phase and enjoy some earthly delights and down time. This retrograde will also heighten our need for security or at least having us look at our finances, home and job stability. Enjoy this time as we might not get another chance until Autumn!

Whew, thats a lot of information ~ thank you for sticking with me if you’ve made it this far….LOL…  I tend to zone out and just channel these reports and sometimes there is just so much information! I hope it helps steer you through the month with confidence and awareness.

Have a fabulous day!

With much love and brightest of blessings

Krissy XX


  1. Lisa Richards says:

    Did you write this just for me ha ha ha?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bless you Krissy – we don’t want you breaking downp in the veg aisle.? You put in a tremendous amount of work on our behalf and it is much appreciated x

    • Thanks so much! Receiving this message means a lot so thank you for taking the time to send it. Have a wonderful day 🙂


    Worth taking this information on board .

  4. Kristina says:

    Amazing! Thank you so much ! Love and light

  5. Bridget Halfaker says:

    Boy oh boy. The full moon with the meteor shower have really done a number on me. Thank you for the information and advice every month. It really helps me stay focused and sort out what I want to work on when my energies become scattered. Thanks 🙂

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