April Energy Forecast 2015

April Energy Forecast 2015

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How are you? More importantly……..how is time moving for you? Have things been hectic or were they hectic in March and have now calmed down a little moving into April? If things are moving still moving quickly, then you are most definitely caught in the impact of the two eclipses that have fallen just two weeks apart. Those that have slowed down were more likely effected strongly by the last eclipse, but may find this next one a little easier. Me…..I’ve been going at 100mph with absolutely no slowing down. Yay, bring on Eclipse Number Two……lol

As always, I’ll start with the factual science. The first big event occurring in April is the Total Lunar Eclipse on 4 April 2015. Please be aware that for those in North America, this is the morning of April 4, NOT the evening. There are a few special attributes to this particular eclipse that are worth noting.

Firstly, its the shortest total eclipse of the century (only five minutes long!) so there will be a very small viewing window. The picture below shows whether you will be able to view this Total Lunar Eclipse and check with your local newspapers as they are sure to indicate exactly what is happening in your local time (Photo Credit: Courtesy of NASA).

Secondly, this one is special as depending where you are on on Earth, you could witness an incredibly rare event called a Selenelion. This is when the moon and sun appear to be exactly opposite each other in the sky, just above the horizon. Those in North America in the U3 band below (particularly Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota; and in Canada: Manitoba and the Northwest Territories) will see a totally eclipsed moon setting as the sun rises. Those in Asia will see a total eclipsed moon rising as the sun sets. Most of us in Europe won’t have any chance of seeing this eclipse at all. However, we can still harness the energy of it! I was lucky enough to be stood on a hill with my son as the sun rose and the moon set in a Selenelion approximately 5 years ago and it was well worth getting out of bed early to see it.


The Full Moon is in Libra and exact at 13.05 GMT on 4 April 2015. 

The New Moon is in Aries and exact at 19.56 GMT on 18 April 2015. If you’d like to see the timings in your local time, please Click Here.

The Earth will pass through the peak of the Lyrid meteor shower just after midnight on 22 April 2014 (although meteors are visible between 16-25 April). The best meteor viewing this year will be in Europe (yay!) Lie on the ground, look toward the East and then up into the sky. This is one of the oldest recorded meteor showers in our history, dating back approximately 2700 years and is the Earth passing through the break up and trail of the Comet Thatcher. I’ll blog more about this closer to the time, but it is more energy being added to the fire as fuel to keep us moving.

Energetically, what does all of this mean?  Eclipses always signify change and the upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse offers a small period of time when we can truly let go of the past and look toward the future. It is also a time to look at our relationships and ensure that the ones that remain in our lives feed both our hearts and our soul.

If you’re thinking of doing any sort of ceremony or would like to utilise the energy of this Eclipse, a cutting ties exercise would harness the energy perfectly. Whether that be cutting ties to people or situations in our lives or more importantly, old ways in which we have viewed ourselves! The exact timing of the Eclipse shouts the words ‘LET GO’. 

A few hours afterwards, would be the perfect time to set a grid or to do some manifestation or visualisation work. Just bear in mind that the Eclipse is in Libra, so can make some of us extremely emotional. If you’re feeling that emotion, put your crystals away for this one as they will not benefit from the energy of this moon given they are an extension of your own energy system…..they will simply absorb the collective release of high emotional energy from around the globe. If you’re going to work with crystals during this time, wait until after the eclipse has passed and then ensure your focus and intent is 100% strong and determined. Work with Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Scolecite or any crystals you find comforting or soothing at this time.

The New Moon is in Aries and this is the perfect time to focus on taking action. Aries is fire, motivation and a good kick up the bum to get moving! We have now passed through the double Total Eclipses and have been clearly shown the changes that need to be made. Now would be the time to focus on those. If you’ve set grids up for manifestation after the Eclipse/Full Moon, take them down and reset them in some form that represents action and movement for you. Work with Citrine, Moldavite, Fire Opal, Fire Agate and Garnet toward the end of the month. These crystals will also harness the motivational energy of the Lyrid Meteor Shower.


WEEKS ONE & TWO: There will be a lot of heightened energy around, which may be slightly disruptive or confusing as it is quite erratic. It is also a new energy and takes time for us to process and integrate it. It is likely to make us more sensitive, heighten our emotions and make us less tolerant of others. It is also one of the most mentally stimulating energies we will work with this year (both conscious AND subconscious) so expect the subconscious to throw up a lot of information for us to look at. This new energy makes us look hard at ourselves and question who we are and what we want. It can also be quite tiring, particularly as the subconscious speaks to us easily in dreams. Sleep may be disrupted and dreams may feel quite surreal or emotionally stimulating. During the first two weeks of April, do whatever you have to do to ground yourself and rest when your body tells you to. Even if we aren’t consciously aware of the new energies, our body will still be processing them so focusing on the things that calm and keep us securely grounded will be extremely beneficial.

WEEK THREE: This is likely to be a quieter week as we look back and try to figure out exactly what we want and how to move away from the past. The first few weeks will have indicated clearly what we need to let go of in order to move forward (again, intuitively this feels strongly like we’re moving away from an old perception or concept of who we are and into something much more positive and joyful). The beginning of week three gives us a bit of a breather, the end of the week is likely to poke and prod us, just to ensure we are still focused and taking action. Again, keep using whatever crystals keep you grounded and on target. Allow any bumps to be just that….bump over them and keep on moving, don’t hold on, don’t fall into drama, don’t let yourself get lost in the past ~ just keep looking forward. In the words of the wonderful NEMO the fish…..just keep swimming……..just keep swimming 😉

WEEK FOUR: Definitely the most calming, grounded energy of the month. I’m hoping the weather picks up globally towards the end of April as we’re literally getting a breather now and the best way to integrate and connect to all the positive energy around is to get out in nature. We need to remind ourselves of the bigger world we are a part of and make sure we are strongly in tune with that energy. It is a rooted, grounded stable energy of rest, recuperation and steady growth. Its a good time to look back at the past months and contemplate all the changes that have occurred as our emotions will have settled down considerably. Whilst this is a very stabilising week, we still have the Lyrid Meteor Shower on the 22nd and this indicates a time of putting plans into action, of motivating and moving ~ but with more focus, less drama/emotion and feeling more comfortable with who we are or more importantly, who we want to be!

WEEK FIVE: Another calming week, but it sort’ve brings us full circle and back to looking at whether we have let go of the past, whether we have allowed ourselves to heal, whether we have allowed our relationships to shift and change in whatever way allows both people to grow and evolve. It is also very much about our relationship with ourselves. 

I hope you’ve found the above useful ~ a good blend of scientific fact and holistic information that should hopefully see us through the month with determination and positivity.

Until next time…..have a wonderful April.

With love and blessings

Krissy XXX

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